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Westend Experience Birmingham Summer School School

West End Experience are  delighted to be returning to Birmingham this Summer to give YOU the ultimate musical theatre experience for 4-18yrs. Every day, we'll study songs, dance routines and scenes from a different West End show, with an actual cast member from that show, as well as creating films to be shown on the big screen in the end concert. We only work with the very best professional actors, actresses, choreographers, dance captains, directors and musical directors, to make sure you get a once in a lifetime experience you will NEVER forget. At the end of the five day course, you will perform in a full two hour concert, WITH the stars, to an audience of around five hundred people, giving you a real taste of what it's like to be a West End pro. We also have a weeny West End Experience half week morning course for 4-6 year olds. The cost is just £250 for 7-21 year olds or £145 for the 4-6 year old course. Tuesday to Friday takes place at Harborne Academy with the last day rehearsal and performance taking place at The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre.

CLICK HERE to Book your Birmingham Experience

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